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Friendly, Expert Care for Pets in Bayville, Berkeley & Lacey Township NJ

Our Veterinary Team

We know you have a lot of choices when choosing just the right veterinarian for your cherished pet. At Berkeley Veterinary Center, we pride ourselves on providing first-rate care in a friendly and welcoming atmosphere. The individuals who work at our hospital are always smiling and happy to see everyone who visits us, from cats and dogs to their owners, too.

Animals love us because we give them time to get used to us before conducting a wellness exam. Friendly dogs are never muzzled, and we wouldn't think of using gloves to handle your cat. Pets have such a good experience when they come to see us that they always look forward to their next visit!

Our clients also appreciate the time we spend with their pet. We take the time to thoroughly examine your pet while answering any questions you may have about health, behavior, or diet. We believe educated pet clients make the best pet owners, and we do all we can to share knowledge with our clients.

Our veterinary clinic is one of a very small percentage across the country that is AAHA accredited. This certification is significant because it means that we have been evaluated on 900 strict veterinary hospital standards, including patient care, client service, and safety. Our hospital is among just 15% of animal hospitals nationwide that have been AAHA accredited, and we are proud to have this honor since 2007.

We welcome new pets every day and hope to meet you and your pet soon. If you have any questions about our veterinary center, or would like more information, please contact us and we will be happy to answer any questions you have.

We are a Fear Free Certified Hospital

All doctors and senior team members have participated in the Fear Free Certification program offered by AAHA

Fear Free Certification AAHA
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“I really cannot find the words to explain how amazing Dr. Tony and his staff are! My baby had a sock obstructing her small intestines and was at risk for major complications. They performed major surgery and continued to care and comfort my baby for days after. If I chose to go to an overnight hospital, my girl would have been left in a cage with an IV and no snuggling or attention. My heart is so touched, I get choked up thinking about Dr. Tony and staff!”
— Colleen Collichio