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10 Last Minute Gift Ideas for Your Pets

Saturday, December 19th, 2015

Chances are, if you’re reading this, you waited just a tad too long to find your beloved pet the perfect holiday gift. Well, Look no further because we’ve got a list stacked up with some last minute ideas for your perfect pooch or kitty.


1.) DIY Doggie Dress Shirt Collar If you are the crafty type and have some old dress shirts that you can upcycle, this is the perfect gift for your hip holiday pooch. Check out how you can make your own doggie dress shirt collar here!


2.) Immortalize your Pet on almost anything! Have your dog’s name and likeness printed on mugs, blankets, food mats, and more at the Personalization is free and they have 1-2 day turnaround.

surprise my pet

3.) Surprise Your Pet  Want the holidays to never end for your pet? Consider a monthly subscription service like Surprise My Pet. Every month you pet will automatically receive a box filled with surprises and you won’t even have to think twice!


4.) Make These Cute Treat Jars This is a last minute list and 2 weeks for delivery just isn’t going to cut it! These cute treat jars won’t take too long and your pet will love them because they are of course, filled with treats. Find out how to make these adorable jars here at


5.) Candy Cane Dog Treats When in doubt, make some dog treats! Nothing says “I love you” more than a treat in your pup’s tummy. We found these super cute candy cane dog treats and lots of other delicious looking treats here.


6.) Pet ID Tags No doubt with the New Year right around the corner, it’s probably time to change your pet’s worn and beat up ID tag anyway. If it’s too late to order one you can always head over to your local PetSmart and use the fun laser ID tag printer OR you can make your own like this one we found at that uses your old childhood favorite {brace yourself} Shrinky Dinks printable plastic sheets! Nostalgic and functional.

Dog playing with a ball in the yard. Basque sheepherd dog

7.) Treat Mazes and Games Both cats and dogs can benefit from treat mazes and games. It keeps their minds moving while your gone and fights the winter blues. Check out this neat cat treat maze on No time to wait for shipping? Consider using Amazon Prime.


8.) Keep an Eye on Your Pooch Ever wonder what your pet is doing while you’re not home? Now you can check in on your pet using the Petzi treat cam. You can interact with your pet and even drop them a treat from wherever you are using your smartphone. That’s just crazy! Petzi is available at several locations and online stores.  


9.) Donate in Your Pet’s Name if your pet could talk,  I am certain they would be super excited that they could help a good cause. Pick a charity that is close to your heart and donate to them in your pet’s name. Giving back is the perfect holiday gift!

Brown paper bag isolated on white

10.) A Paper Bag Short on cash and time? One of the best gifts you can give you cat is a plain old brown paper bag. Paper bags make for hours of fun and best of all you can probably snag a bag for free! If it’s really last minute (like the morning of), crumble up some wrapping paper and…voila! Instant gift! You’re Welcome!