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Our Most Memorable Pet Care Blogs of 2017

Tuesday, January 9th, 2018

A cat being pettedWith 2017 officially in the record books, most of us are looking ahead and thinking about what’s in store for the coming year. As new resolutions abound, we are getting excited about forging ahead with our intentions for 2018. Still, it’s also an opportunity to think about what we learned last year, and to be grateful for all the lessons, the laughter, the tears, and the ups and downs.

At Berkeley Veterinary Center, many of our most memorable moments were with our patients and their families, and we thank you! In the spirit of these moments, we decided to round up our most popular pet care blogs that we wrote last year. Which ones resonated with you, we wondered? Which were particularly funny, encouraging, and meaningful? Which were the most educational?

To answer these questions, we are presenting our top 10 most memorable pet care blogs of 2017. Enjoy!