Should You Adopt a Shelter Pet for the Holidays?

There are obvious benefits to buying a young pet directly from the breeder. You see the animal’s mother, for instance, and you can gain an understanding of genetics, disposition, and aesthetics. At the same time, young pets require a great deal of work in the training department, pure breeds can have their own health challenges, and they typically cost hundreds of dollars (or more).

Alternatively, when you adopt a shelter pet, you have the opportunity to save a life. As a bonus, freeing up space at your local shelter can potentially save another life, too!

Choices Galore

Across the country, animal shelters house millions of pets every year. Unfortunately, many prospective pet owners erroneously believe that shelter pets have behavioral issues or previous exposure to trauma that compromises the general safety of the household. Certainly, some animals are surrendered to the shelter because of environmental dynamics, but overall, it’s a great idea to adopt a shelter pet.


Shelter pets go through a pretty formal process before they’re allowed to go up for adoption. They’re assessed, observed, and examined. As a result, serious adoption inquiries don’t often have any surprises once the animal is brought home.

When you adopt a shelter pet, you’ll find that they’re microchipped, potty trained, vaccinated, spayed or neutered, protected from parasites, and have a matching personality description to the one your read online or at the shelter. Many shelter pets already know basic commands, making communication much easier.

It might not be a crucial component of your search for the perfect pet, but mixed breed pets also tend to have fewer inherited genetic problems.

Please Adopt a Shelter Pet

It’s vital that you take into consideration your home environment, family dynamics, and other pets before you adopt a shelter pet. Of course, no one wants to adopt only to surrender the animal when it doesn’t work out between the landlord, other pets, and people who might be allergic to animals.

Save a Life This Holiday Season

If you feel your family would benefit from a new furry friend this holiday season, we hope you consider a shelter pet. Doing so not only saves a life, but it also:

  • Stops the cycle of overpopulation
  • Negatively affects the industry of mass breeding facilities (puppy mills, backyard breeders, etc.)
  • Promotes the wonders of adopting an adult or senior pet
  • Supports the shelter system
  • Encourages other people to adopt a shelter pet

If you need more evidence that you should adopt a shelter pet, please let us know. There are always animals in need, and they can make a wonderful addition to your home – this holiday season or anytime!

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