Berkeley Veterinary Center’s Top 5 Blogs of 2019

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The older we get, the faster time seems to fly right by us. This cross-cultural phenomenon can be explained by “ratio theory,” a 140-year-old concept that suggests we constantly compare intervals of passing time with how long we’ve lived so far. In other words, a single year to a small child comprises a large percentage of their life, whereas a mere 12 months to a person of middle age is a scant percentage. Experts say that the reason for this is because as we age, fewer meaningful events happen to us. 

This really couldn’t be further from the truth at Berkeley Veterinary Center, a place that values even the smallest victories. Whether or not we’re consciously focused on our perception of time, we can tell you that this past year gave us many reasons to be grateful.

Our monthly pet care blogs are inspired by our ever-growing community of pet owners, and published online so that you may better care for your best friend.

Berkeley Veterinary Center’s Top 5 Pet Care Blogs 

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5. Fireworks, Thunder, and Parties… Oh My! Battling Pet Noise Anxiety
Summer means different things to different people – backyard barbecues, camping, trips to the lake, or a big family vacation may be on your agenda. For many pets, however, the warmest months are also the scariest. Read more…

4. Meow! Benefits of Owning A Cat
There are so many things to love about owning a cat. Aside from being beautiful and intelligent, cats are perfect companions for a lazy morning in bed, and they are great for curling up with in front of a fire. Keep reading…

3. Kids Going Back to School? The Many Ways Pet Anxiety is Linked to Change
Summer is the season when pets and kids have the most fun. Whether it’s playing fetch, or rolling around in muddy puddles together, the endless fun is priceless. But with the start of another school year, all these fun times are about to come to an abrupt end. Read on!

2. Your Pet’s Fear Free Experience
At Berkeley Veterinary Center, a Fear Free experience for you and your furry friends is of utmost priority to us. Did you know that our staff and doctors have undergone special training to ensure that your pet’s stress, anxiety, and fear is kept as minimal as possible during their visit? Read more…

1. A Sick Cat Won’t Tell You They Need a Doctor’s Appointment
When we aren’t feeling well we either spend the day in bed to rest and recuperate, or take ourselves to the clinic. Either way, we generally know when we cannot go to work or be around others. Keep reading…

With every new patient, we are given the opportunity to support a lifetime of pet health and wellness. There’s a lot that pet owners need to know to prevent illness and protect their furry best friends from harm.

To that end, we hope you enjoy (again) our pet care blogs that aim to address issues before they even have a chance to develop. 

Cheers, and Happy New Year’s!

Berkeley Veterinary Center is proud to be a Fear-Free Certified Practice, and we’re also a Certified Cat Friendly Practice. Our staff looks forward to serving you and your pet in the best ways possible, and hope to see you soon.

From all of us at Berkeley Veterinary Center, thank you for reading our pet care blogs. Have a happy, safe holiday season, and a great New Year!

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