Fun Without the Fright: Adorable Halloween Pet Costumes and Safety Tips

halloween costumes for petsHalloween seems to herald the arrival of autumn and all the things we associate with the season: pumpkin scented candles, jack o’ lanterns, colorful leaves, and sweater weather. Dressing up in a creepy, cute, or funny Halloween costume is one of the best ways to celebrate this time of year – and what could be better than dressing up your furry, four-legged friend as well?

The team at Berkeley Veterinary Center love our pet trick-or-treaters and want to help you create the safest, most enjoyable night for your best friend. Here are some of our Halloween pet costume safety tips for an awesome evening.

Nothing Tricky About These Halloween Pet Costumes

With all the incredible ideas out there, you may find yourself deliberating about what costume to choose for your kids (or yourself). However, pet costumes are becoming just as trendy, eclectic, and varied as those we find for ourselves. And Halloween pet costumes aren’t just for Fido or Fluffy – these days, you can find them for hamsters, guinea pigs, bearded dragons, and even snakes!

While we’re sure there are some enthusiastic pets who just love the attention, for others, a costume is not such a welcome addition. Before outfitting your companion in a Halloween pet costume, here are some considerations for safety:

  • Choose a properly-sized costume. Outfits that are not carefully sized for your pet can end up being a hazard by being too restrictive or too loose. Make sure whatever you choose fits well and has ample room to breathe and move around normally.
  • Do not reduce or limit vision. Certain outfits, such as a hat, might be appropriate and adorable for your pet, but stay away from anything that covers the eyes or mouth.
  • Don bright colors. Bright and/or reflective colors are preferred, especially if you plan on walking your dog at night. You might also choose a collar that’s reflective or lights up for better visibility. Avoid glow sticks and jewelry, as they’re toxic if ingested.
  • Avoid small pieces or items that hang from the costume. Costumes that include small pieces can break off and be swallowed, whereas loose strings can cause a risk by becoming tangled around your pet’s neck.
  • Ensure your pet’s comfort. Before the big night, do a few test runs with your pet. Do they refuse to move? Are they attempting to escape the outfit? Sometimes pets and costumes just don’t agree, so err on the side of comfort and just don a festive handkerchief or a Halloween-themed leash for the night.

Sometimes certain masks or costumes can be very scary for a pet. If your pet has issues with anxiety or stress, find a safe, secure room in the home where they can relax before you put on your most ghoulish attire.

Fun for All, Big and Small

There are some truly incredible Halloween outfits out there for you and your fur friend to choose from. Check out some of our favorite ideas!

If you’re looking to dress up your exotic pet this holiday or want some additional ideas for dogs or cats, check out some creative costumes on Pinterest.

If you have any questions about Halloween pet safety, our team is always here to help. Please give us a call.

Happy Halloween from all of us at Berkeley!

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