Being the Purrfect Pet Owner: The Importance of Veterinary Care for Cats

Cat at veterinarianMost cat owners are positively passionate about the feline species. Cats are amazing and wonderful creatures, and we are lucky to be able to share our lives with them.

We often think of our cats as resilient critters, but even these stealthy and stoic animals can be affected by health issues. With our ever-improving knowledge of felines and their needs, we can do a better job caring for them than ever before.

Berkeley Veterinary Center loves cats just as much as you. We hope that we can help feline fanatics everywhere understand how important good veterinary care for cats is in helping them live longer, healthier lives.

Why Preventative Care Matters

In the past, veterinary medicine focused on treating illness, injury, and disease once it was diagnosed. Modern veterinary medicine has an expanded focus, however. We now understand that we have greater success in treating animals when we are able to detect problems early or, better yet, prevent them from occurring at all.

This approach to prevention means that we need to see your cat often, even if he or she does not appear to be ill. Good preventative care means:

Routine wellness exams – We need to see you and your pet at least once a year (and more frequently if your pet has any known health issues or is reaching his or her golden years). These visits allow us to maintain a familiarity with your pet, perform a thorough physical examination, and discuss any concerns you might have. They are also important to the detection of subtle changes to your pet’s health.

Recommended vaccinations and parasite prevention – Disease prevention is of utmost importance. We can recommend vaccinations and parasite preventatives for your pet on an individual basis, depending on your needs and your pet’s health and risk of exposure.

Screening tests – We often recommend diagnostic testing, which might include fecal examinations, blood work, and urinalysis, in order to determine your pet’s normal results and detect issues before they become problematic.

Dental care – While we may all giggle about cats and their tuna breath, bad breath is not normal. Many cats suffer from dental disease, and routine dental care, as well as dental cleanings, are important.

Nutritional management – Selecting the right diet and helping your kitty maintain a healthy body weight are also important components of preventative care.

Cats can be very good at masking the fact that they are in pain or ill. Because their instincts tell them to hide signs of weakness, conditions or illnesses can worsen by the time we notice there is a problem. This makes consistent wellness care even more essential for cats.

Paying attention to your cat’s day-to-day activities can also alert you to a problem. Let us know right away if you notice changes to your cat’s litter box habits, sleeping patterns, social interactions, or personality. No matter how subtle, these types of deviations are worth checking out.

Taking the Pain Out of Veterinary Care for Cats

It’s no secret that most cats don’t like to visit the vet. So how do we make veterinary care for cats a little less of an ordeal?

At Berkeley Veterinary Center, we are committed to making your cat’s trips to see us as stress-free and easy as possible. From getting your kitty here to see us to making sure that your visit is as seamless as we can make it, keeping our cat patients happy is a priority.

We have also taken the necessary steps to become certified as a Cat Friendly Practice. This means that we meet all of the American Association of Feline Practitioners’ standards for having a cat-friendly environment. You and your cat can rest easy with us!

We know that cats aren’t always as comfortable with travel and vet visits as dogs, but that doesn’t mean that they don’t need wellness care. It is an important part of cat ownership to provide them with quality care. They may seem independent, but they rely on us for optimal health and wellbeing.

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