What’s Better While Away From Home: Pet Boarding Facility Or Hiring a Pet Sitter?

An orange kitten awaits its pet sitter on the floor at home.

It can be nerve-wracking to leave your pet behind, but not all travel plans can include them. The good news is that you have options to choose from. Depending on your pet’s individual needs and preferences, your budget, and the length of time apart, you can choose between dropping them off or keeping them at home (or at a pet sitter’s house). 

As with most things in modern life, there are pros and cons to both pet boarding and pet sitting. 

Getting Recommendations

Before you make your decision, it’s important to talk with other pet owners about their experiences. Google reviews and website testimonials are often spot-on regarding the care or service you’re shopping for. Our staff is happy to assist you in your search for the right match.

Fun for…Days?

Pet boarding may be an excellent choice for your furry friend if:

  • They enjoy daily structure.
  • They like the company of other pets. Many facilities offer doggie daycare or play opportunities for their guests. 
  • They have specific medical concerns. Some pet boarding sites are attached or adjacent to veterinary hospitals and can quickly intervene should there be an illness or injury.
  • They enjoy being pampered. Choose a pet boarding business that also offers grooming. When you pick them up they’ll be clean, fresh, and feeling their best.
  • They are already crate trained and don’t object to sleeping inside a crate or caged area.

Tricks of the Trade

When visiting a pet boarding business, look for cleanliness and friendliness. Ask yourself:

  • Do the other pets look content? 
  • Are animals separated by species? 
  • How big are the enclosures?
  • Is it cat friendly? Are there climbing structures and opportunities to get out of the cage and exercise at least once a day?
  • What times are meals scheduled for?
  • Are there toys and treats?
  • What are the general guidelines regarding food and objects from home?
  • How are pets kept safe from altercations with other animals?
  • What precautions are in place regarding contagious disease?

When it comes to boarding your pet, the most affordable option may not be the most comfortable for your pet. The most important thing is that your departure is planned for in advance to reduce stress and anxiety

The Promise of Pet Sitting 

Many owners opt for pet sitting because their pet may either have the choice to stay in their own home environment or go for a short trip to their pet sitter’s place. In both cases, these pets receive individualized attention, freedom, and almost anything they want at their paw-tips. However, a pet’s needs might not be fully satisfied if their sitter only comes by 2-4 times a day for meals and bathroom breaks.

Customized Approach

An in-house pet sitter can also help with housekeeping, mail/package delivery, and plant care. This may also make the most financial sense if you have more than one animal to care for.

You can set the schedule so your pet doesn’t miss their daily routine, and ask that certain things get accomplished every day, such as a visit to the dog park or jogs around the block. 

Pet Boarding Versus Pet Sitting

In order to make the best decision possible, it’s critical to hone in on what is truly best for your pet while you’re away.
If you have any questions about choosing between a pet boarding place and a sitter, please contact us at Berkeley Veterinary Center.