Why You Should Consider Using a Cat Friendly Certified Practice

In our previous post we discussed catering to your furry feline family member with tips on making vet visits a little easier.

But what happens once you finally get your cat to the vet?

In the second part of this two-part series on low-stress cat visits, we will discuss how a Cat Friendly Certified Practice, such as Berkeley Veterinary Center, can further benefit your cat’s veterinary experience.

Our Staff Knows Cats

Our Certified Cat Friendly team members receive training in cat behavior and strive to understand how a cat’s needs differ from their dog counterparts. We use lower stress handling techniques during exams and create an enriched environment that will peak a curious cat’s interest or calm and comfort a nervous or fearful cat during each visit. We also empathize with the concerns and needs of cat owners because we own cats too!

         Our staff member holding a catTony with Lance

Meet our Cat Friendly Advocate

Kyle Christie

Meet Kyle, our designated cat friendly advocate! Kyle is a great resource for our clients and staff as she is our resident cat expert. Her job is to make sure that we are following all procedures as outlined by the American Feline Practitioners. Kyle loves dogs but has a very special bond with cats and is a certified master cat groomer. Kyle is available to answer any of your cat related questions.

We Aim to Create A Less Stressful Visit For Your Cat

From our waiting area to our exam rooms and treatment area, we consider each area of the hospital and the effect it has on our feline patients. Here are some of the ways we work to accommodate our feline patients during their visits:

  • Cat only waiting area with a focus on minimal wait times
  • Minimal restraint with use of towels and/or kitty cuddles when appropriate
  • Window available in our cat-only exam room
  • X-rays that are viewable in exam rooms
  • Use of Feliway, a calming pheromone therapy for cats

We Have Reached the Gold Standard

We’ve gone for the gold! We strive to practice the best feline medicine possible and we have achieved that through reaching the Gold Standard Cat Friendly Practice Certification.

The certified Cat Friendly Practice through the American Association of Feline Practitioners recognizes two levels of cat friendly excellence: silver and gold. We have invested the extra time and training and updated our facility to reach the highest level of certification. Some of these items include:

  • Feline specific medications available in hospital
  • Proper pain management when needed
  • Quiet and calm cat only ward for recovery and hospitalization
  • A veterinarian who attends at least 18 hours of feline exclusive continuing education per year
  • Exam rooms equipped with all items necessary to complete an exam and minimize movement in and out of the exam room
  • 30 minute appointments to be able to acquaint your cat with the environment and work slowly. This time also allows for a thorough history and examination

With a little bit of time and persistence, it is possible to cultivate a less stressful, comprehensive veterinary visit for your cat.