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Comprehensive Veterinary Services for Lanoka Harbor, Lacey, Toms River, & Bayville Pets

Team members with kittens

Dr. DiAngelis with one of his small patients

Berkeley Veterinary Center will take excellent care of your pet—from “nose to tail.” Our top-notch veterinarians and caring staff make sure every pet receives the finest care possible. We offer many veterinary services, including:

  • Pet wellness care—We offer complete wellness care, including lifestyle-based immunizations, dermatology, dental care, and surgical procedures. We formulate your pet’s health care program based on individual characteristics, such as breed, age, gender, lifestyle, and previous medical and behavioral history.
  • Pet allergy testing and dermatology—We believe that a thorough diagnosis leads to the most effective solution. We take care to treat not just the symptoms, such as scratching or red skin, but also to address the root cause of the issue at hand and then, most importantly, make your pet well.
  • Pet dental care—Your pet’s teeth are a vital part of overall health and longevity. We can help make sure his or her teeth and gums are clean and healthy.
  • Veterinary diagnostics and laboratory—Our on-site digital X-ray technology allows for fast and highly accurate imaging, and our in-house laboratory provides immediate information for critical conditions.
  • Feline medicine—We understand that cats are not small dogs. Our in-depth knowledge of cat physiology and behavior allows your cat to have a comfortable visit.
  • Pet pain management—Pet pain management is an important part of what we do. We will make sure your pet is comfortable, whether recovering from a surgical procedure, suffering from chronic arthritis, or nursing a sudden injury.
  • Veterinary internal medicine—For pets with chronic or serious medical conditions, we are here to help with just the right treatment and medication.
  • Veterinary surgery—Every surgical procedure is treated with the same care and attention, whether it’s an elective spay or neuter or a more serious procedure like the removal of a foreign object from the stomach.
  • End-of-life care—The hardest time as a pet parent is when a pet nears the end of his or her life. We do all that we can to make sure your pet is calm and comfortable during this difficult time. Our primary concern is always for the quality of life of your pet.

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“Dr. Alyssa and all the staff are the absolute best! Knowledgeable, professional, kind, and considerate. When I had to put my 17-year-old dachshund down, I relied on their compassion and wisdom to make the process much easier. They explained everything to me so that I knew what to expect. I would highly recommend Berkeley Veterinary Center!”
— Jean Spector