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Compassionate End-of-Life Pet Care in Bayville NJ

Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our life whole

Sometimes, before we know it, our pets become seniors and reach the end of a comfortable and happy life. No one wants his or her pet to suffer. We are very sensitive to the feelings and emotions that come when a pet's life is near the end. Our first priority is the comfort of your pet, and we will do all we can to alleviate any pain or suffering your pet may be experiencing.

Support and Guidance Through a Difficult Time

Because our pets can't talk, it is sometimes hard to know just how much they are suffering and when it might be time to say goodbye. While the decision is always yours, we are more than happy to offer our opinion about the health and prognosis for an aging pet. If and when it's decided it is time to say goodbye, the pet owner's wishes will be treated with the utmost respect and compassion.

Saying Goodbye

There are many options for you during this difficult time, and we will make sure you understand each and answer any questions you may have. When pets are euthanized, they are given a strong sedative first to calm them. Pet owners are welcome to stay with their pet during this time, and through the full process, should they desire. Some owners would rather not witness the passing of their pet, and that is completely fine, too. Whatever your wishes, we are here for you and will treat your pet with dignity and compassion.

Remembering Your Pet

The memory of a pet never leaves us, and sometimes it's helpful to share our feelings and good memories with others.

Sharing pictures and stories can be helpful during a time of loss. However, sometimes the grief is difficult to handle. You can also find information and bereavement support for the loss of your beloved companion at

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“I just recently went to Berkeley Vet Center to take my cat Precious for a check-up. Our technician Diana Brand was extremely helpful and easy to talk to during our visit. She made Precious feel comfortable and calmed her down when she got a little fussy. The doctor was also very nice and took care of my Precious. They go over everything regarding prices so there were no surprises and I found the exam and vaccines to be reasonably priced.”
— Victoria T.